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Design Concept and Product Description

Put on the earphone. Act cool. Get ready.Connect to the audio device. Signal the leading musician to start. PLAY, from vibrant Jazz to melancholic Blues, from affectionate Classics to fierce Rock ‘n Roll. Every note is on pitch; every beat is flawless. When dancing queen breed bad romance, Rubber soul smells like teen spirit, film star seek and destroy stairway to heaven, accidentally the cord is pulled off. Interrupt. Pause. My private concert ends up with disappointment.

用帥氣的姿態戴上耳機就定位, 接上音源,向心中的首席樂手下達暗示指令PLAY,從熱鬧爵士到憂鬱藍調,從古曲抒情到搖滾暴走,每一個音節都無懈可擊,正當世界被寂寞綁票陰天站在高崗上吻別BAD ROMANCE忽然之間開始懂了我要的幸福… 此時卻意外發生耳機線被扯開的慘劇, 精心策畫的個人專屬音樂會只好失望收場…

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25TOGO DESGIN stages smart PAPERCLIP earphone to enhance user experience by solving the problems of swinging cords and cord storage. Once you put on the earphone, use the paperclip device to ‘wear’ the cord on collars, pockets, or bag belts to prevent it from tangling, swinging or falling. The paperclip device can be moved upwards or downwards so that you can keep it at exact height as you want it to be. Then lay back, hit the PLAY, and enjoy the clear rich sound quality delivered to your ears. After use, simply follow the instruction to coil up the earphone cord. Next time, you’ll be ready to conduct an impeccable performance!

讓「迴紋針耳機」登場為你聰明地解決耳機線常見的固定與收納困擾,確保流暢的聆聽體驗不落拍!使用時,將耳機線上的迴紋裝置夾附在衣領處、上衣口袋或包包背帶上,即可俐落地固定容易晃動或打結的耳機線,且內埋線材為可動式,讓你可依不同的穿搭條件,調整適當的高低位置;準備就緒後,按下PLAY 鍵,盡情享受耳際傳來的既清晰又立體、層次豐富且分明的美好音色;使用結束後,只需執行簡單的纏繞步驟,即可輕鬆完成耳機收納。下次PLAY,一定要畫下完美的休止符!

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PAPERCLIP earphone has a 3.5 mm audio jack that works with most players and computer devices in the market. The paperclip device, made of durable resilient PC (Polycarbonate), is capable of taking general cloth thickness. The shaping detail of the rising tongue at the paperclip edge allows the user to attach it to clothes effortlessly. The housing, made of glittering aluminum-alloy, performs delicate quality. 3 pairs of soft silicone earphone buds in S, M, and L size come with the product in the pack to offer a ultimate comfortable, noise-reducing fit. The product carry one-year limited warranty.


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:: PAPERCLIP earphone | 迴紋針耳機 ::

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