PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader

PayPal 終於出了 iphone、ipad 相容的刷卡機,而且果然也是插在耳機孔。最先看到這開發是在近日心頭好的節目「日本學問大」,覺得刷卡機插在耳機孔這件事情真的很對,可以相對應於各種硬體的機器,不用轉換。當然我完全不了這些軟硬體的內部事情,純粹以一個最終使用者的角度在看這樣的產品。

邊佩服日本人之餘,邊又覺得開發這樣的產品,如果不是已經在金融轉換已經有所成的公司,接下來必定很辛苦...不是被巨人買走技術就是直接被打趴在地上,這道理就跟想在台灣開類似 itunes 服務,即便花了很大的力氣和時間,一旦Apple 開通服務大家就有可能一面倒的轉向是一樣的(因為和硬體的 bundle),Uniqlo是這樣,噗浪如是,許許多多的似曾相識的雜誌亦如是。



PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader:


PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader

Being the online leader in electronic payments, PayPal has just launched a new mobile payment system called PayPal Here. The triangle-shaped device plugs into your smartphone’s earphone jack and lets anyone accept credit cards. Designed by Yves Behar of fuseproject, the triangle front slides down to prevent the device from spinning around while swiping the card.

PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader

PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader

The tiny credit card reader is simple to use and features encryption to prevent theft. Charging 2.7% per transaction, PayPal Here is perfect for small business owners looking to increase business by accepting credit cards and having a smaller fee to pay. The card reader and the app that runs it are free.

PayPal Here: Mobile Credit Card Reader

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