NOOKA Hello Kitty Nooka Nooka Launch!

三麗鷗的無嘴貓的跨品牌已經跨到無以復加的地步,想得到的想不到的都已經被 Kitty 染指過。本來就知道 Nooka 有支印上 Kitty 的聯名錶款,不過沒想到連他們家幾乎沒人知道的 NOOKA NOOKA 公仔也被拿來重新翻版,我不是很確定 NOOKA NOOKA 不紅的原因,不過卻還滿肯定 Kitty 被變形成 U 字臉加上兩隻斧頭大手與四隻外星人腳還滿不討人喜歡的。不過還是在限量預購中喔,有興趣或是看到 crossover 和 限量 就腦充血的朋友可以點去看看。


NOOKA Hello Kitty Nooka Nooka Launch!:


We are pleased to announce that the Hello Kitty NOOKA NOOKA Vinyl Figure is available now!

Sanrio, the global lifestyle brand, and fashion design brand, Nooka Inc. have banded together to create a special Hello Kitty® collectible vinyl figure.

Hello Kitty® embodies the same ethos as Nooka: universal communication—no explanations are required to understand the icon of Hello Kitty’s face—it is a distillation to the minimum amount of information necessary to convey the message of ‘cute.

This collaboration is sure to sell out so get yours now!

If you missed our previous collaboration with Hello Kitty on our zub 20—then pre-order yours here!

(Via Nooka)

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